Himalayan Education Center

Future teachers of the Himalayan Education Center

In the village of Khandbari in Northeastern Nepal is the Ten Friends Himalayan Education Center (HEC). HEC is the home to 14 girls who aspire to be teachers. These girls, with the financial support of Ten Friends, are living in our hostel in Khandbari and attending a small university there.

The girls come from remote villages near Tibet where women are discouraged from getting an education. In fact there are no schools past 6th grade in many of their home villages. The teachers in these villages are often from a different caste or from India and don’t speak the native language of the children they are teaching.

After completing their teacher education requirements the girls at HEC will return to their native villages to become teachers and community leaders. They study hard and are grateful for our support for their education and their dreams of becoming teachers.

You can help

A donation of $1000 will support one of these girls for a full year, including room, board, tuition, books, fees, etc.  If you would like to support the Himalayan Education Center in this way please click the “Donate Now through Network for Good” button at the left to make a safe, secure donation using Pay Pal or a major credit card.  A convenient way to do this would be a recurring monthly donation of $100. Thank you!

Meet Sunita Gurung

Sunita is the leader of the Himalayan Education Center.  Click here to download a brief biography in which she shares her heart warming story of determination and hard work in the face of very difficult circumstances.