Hopeful Home Orphanage

Hopeful Home Orphanage

The children of the Hopeful Home Orphanage

There are over 400 orphanages in Kathmandu, Nepal. Ten Friends has close ties with many of these orphanages and over the years we’ve provided beds, food, water filters, cooking supplies, and school uniforms to over 50 of these orphanages.

In 2008 Ten Friends helped one orphanage, the Hopeful Home, purchase a new home.  This was a huge relief to the children and the staff of the orphanage because making rent payments is very difficult. We hired an activities manager to give the children more structure and routine. In 2009 we hired a full-time activities director and tutor.

More recently Hopeful Home sold the building purchased in 2008 and acquired land on which to build a new home.  The new location is in a less congested and safer area and they hope to begin construction soon.

Thanks to our donors life is good for the 40 children at the Hopeful Home and for future generations of homeless children who live there. They now live in safer and cleaner conditions and have a stable environment. These kids have a real home. It’s their home. Forever.

Other Orphanage Projects

Besides the Hopeful Home, many other orphanages in Nepal are unable to meet the basic needs of children. For example, many orphanages are short on mattresses and beds. Children sleep directly on concrete floors. Some of these orphanages have water purification equipment, but most do not. Scabies and other skin problems are common in orphanages due to poor hygiene and malnutrition. Many orphanage children are stunted (low height for age). A large percentage of Nepali people have intestinal parasites. Slowly but surely we will improve these conditions with your help.

We need your help

Improving the lives of orphanage children in Nepal is one of our main priorities. Here are some opportunities for you to support this effort. Ten Friends is eager to provide filtered water, mattresses, and beds for more orphans. The cost to sponsor a “Euroguard” water filter is $200. Orphanages without electricity need gravity fed ceramic filters costing $25 each. Other sponsorship options are $40 per mattress, bunk bed sponsorships at $150 each, or school sponsorships at $240 per child for one year of school.

If you would like to make a donation in support of this or any other Ten Friends project please click on the “Donate Now through Network for Good” button to make a safe, secure donation using Pay Pal or a major credit card.  Thanks!