Meet Sunil Khadka

Sunil Khadka is one of the children at Hopeful Home. Dinesh, our contact in Kathmandu tells us that Sunil is 15 years old. “He is a smart boy and is in grade 8. He can do well in his school when he attends to his lessons and studies. He likes to play soccer, watch movies and joke with his friends.

Sunil lost his father 11 years ago. His father was a porter for a trekking company and sadly disappeared while he was headed to Mt Manaslu. His mother is currently in Kuwait where she is working. His younger sister lives in another children’s home, and his younger brother lives with his grandmother.

He has lived at Hopeful Home since he was six years old. In the beginning, it was difficult for him to adjust to living at Hopeful Home, as he had different habits due to living and begging in the street. He was sent to Hopeful Home by one of their previous donors, who found Sunil begging in front of his house.”

Sunil has a new sponsor. Thank you so much for supporting this child and his education! Sunil tells us he would like to become an electrician.

We are so happy that Sunil has a new sponsor. Thank you for supporting Sunil’s education!

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