Nepal, Summer 2011, July 10

Hello Everyone,
Another great day. All is well and time is flying. Yesterday started with the group Walking to Swayambuth (monkey temple) and doing a tour of this amazing site and again exploring the streets of KTM then an afternoon of a tour of Thamel the tourist shopping area and then a group trip to the Hopeful Home Orphanage. The group was amazing with everyone jumping right in with the kids and helping with reading, playing games learning dances and a lot of laughing. Parker and Zander stayed for the night and today we start rotations from buying books for villages and touring water filter manufacturing plant and heading to see the ancient city of Bhaktipur. Everyone healthy. We will be leaving for Khandbari on the 15th of July. That is the 14th at home and we are planned for return late on August 2nd if weather allows. During that time we won’t be able to contact home except in emergency. We will be splitting the group and visiting the teacher training hostel, then heading toward the Tibetan border to deliver libraries and see amazing country. We hope all is well at home.
Rand / Mark

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