Nepal, Summer 2011, July 9


Everything is great here. We arrived yesterday about 1:00 Nepal time. All of our bags arrived to much relief from the group. It looks like it took us about 38 total hours to get here and that is a record. Everyone did great. William holds the sleep record snoozing away while the rest of us squirmed around and tried to survive the marathon flights. Mark and Dinesh (our employee) met us in Kathmandu and we jumped into small vans and worked our way across the city to the guest house. The kids were really wide eyed and excited. Kathmandu has a way of attacking your senses and it didn’t let us down. Luckily it is a holiday saturday and not too much traffic or pollution. The sky was clear and we could see the entire valley. Everyone quickly met on the roof of the guest house which is one of the tallest buildings in Kathmandu and had quite a view of the city. After a quick rest we met up and talked about safety and city travel and had our first outing. We walked about 30 minutes to see Durbar Square and wandered through the tiny ancient streets with small markets, cooking goat heads and plenty of ripe trash. After many twists and turns we ended up to the classic freak street and explained the rules to the return. We broke into teams and each set of partners had to find their way back to the guest house. After a moment of wide eyes they took off with Mark and I trailed them back through the maze. Everyone loved it. We met for dinner with everyone barely keeping their heads off of the plates and off to bed. We are meeting this a.m. and starting rotations. We will be going to orphanages, seeing the sites, checking on water filters and sponsored kids and many other things in the next few days. Talk to you soon.

Rand / Mark

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