Village Library Project

Part of Ten Friends’ Village Vision project is to provide libraries for those villages in which a book is a rare thing.  In 2009, we established our very first library in the village of Lingham and dedicated it to Diane Jacobsen, a revered teacher from Sisters.  Over the next two years, nine more libraries were established and dedicated to a number of individuals from Central Oregon.  We now have a total of 21 libraries in place!

The most recent library was established in March 2020 in the town of Khandbari when Louisa Lamarre, an 8th grade student at Cascades Academy, traveled to Nepal with funds she had raised herself!  The ceremony (see pic to the left) was very meaningful and she expressed how much she had benefited from the process of learning about other cultures and helping them to improve literacy. 

A typical village in which we place a library has from 100 to 400 residents.  The cost of one book placed in a library is around $5 – roughly $2 for the book and $3 to transport the book by plane and/or porter.  Bookcases are constructed by village carpenters and the village provides the building for the library.  The average total cost of a library is around $2,000.

The library in the village of Lingam

Book shelves for the Lingam Village Library

Lingam Library dedication

Chepuwa Village Library dedication

Chepuwa Village Library dedication

Chepuwa Village Library dedication