Villages Library Project

Part of Ten Friends’ Villages Library project is to provide libraries for those villages in which a book is a rare thing.  In 2009, we established our very first library in the village of Lingham and dedicated it to Diane Jacobsen, a revered teacher from Sisters, Oregon.  Over the next two years nine more libraries were established and dedicated to a number of individuals from Central Oregon.  We now have more than 34 libraries in place!

A typical village in which we place a library has from 100 to 400 residents.  The cost of one book placed in a library is around $5 – roughly $2 for the book and $3 to transport the book by plane and/or porter.  Bookcases are constructed by village carpenters and the village provides the building for the library.  The average total cost of a library is around $6,000.  

Summer 2023 Library Project

Over the years, Ten Friends has taken high school students to Nepal 6 times and over 50 students have had the experience. Ten Friends once again took a group of Central Oregon students to Nepal in August 2023.  As part of the trip students and their chaperones worked on a library project in one of the remote villages of Nepal.  

Purchase a Product  

Items purchased through your tax deductible donation will be provided to libraries, schools, or other locations in Nepal where they can best be used.  

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