Central Oregon Bottle Drop 

The Bottle Drop Fundraiser program continues to provide a steady source of funds. Ten Friends started its Blue Bag Bottle Drop Program in 2021 and each year since has raised more than $1,000.  The program operates in Central Oregon and provides a convenient way to recycle your bottles.  We provide bottle bags to you; you take the bottle bags to one of several locations.  

Each of the Blue Bags has a Bar Code that ensures that all the funds from that bag go into the Ten Friends account. Once a bag has been filled, it can be returned to a redemption center in Bend, Sisters or Redmond. (See list of redemption centers below.)

Where to get the Blue Bags:

The best place to get the Blue Bags is at High Camp Taproom in Sisters.  High Camp is located at 523 East Highway 20 which is on the eastern edge of town.  Phone number is  (541) 904-4694.  

Another option is to request Blue Bags from Ten Friends Board Members or members of the Muse Club at Cascades Academy or the Interact Club at Summit high school. Feel free to share bags with friends and family. Your participation will help us increase the funding provided by this program. Program proceeds will provide much needed ongoing support for the Himalayan Education Center and Hopeful Home in Nepal.

Thanks for your participation and help supporting the wonderful programs of Ten Friends.

Where to Drop off the Blue Bags:

  (The Bar Code on the Blue Bag will open the bag deposit door for easy drop off.)

Bend Redemption Center: 755 NE 2nd, Bend

Albertsons: 1800 NE 3rd, Bend

Fred Meyer: 61535 S HWY 97, Bend

Redmond Redemption Center: 1204 SE Lake Road, Redmond

Ray's Food Place: 635 N Arrowleaf Trail, Sisters

If you want to receive Ten Friends Barcode Stickers or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Deb at debjacksonbrewer@gmail.com.


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