Projects and Programs

Himalayan Education Center 

The Himalayan Education Center is a well established program supported by Ten Friends.  Its focus is on providing education for young women who want to become teachers. The Himalayan Education Center recruits students in the region and supports their education. The hope is that once they complete their education requirements, that they will return to their native villages and serve as teachers as well as become community leaders.  

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Hopeful Home Orphanage

In 2005, Ten Friends developed a special relationship with the Hopeful Home Orphanage. The orphanage is an independent, non-profit, non-political, and non-religious charitable organization. It provides a safe and secure place to live for 19 children who live at the orphanage.  Throughout the years Ten Friends has provided financial support for Hopeful Home and has assisted in conducting projects.  

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Elevate Nepal Initiative

One of Ten Friends programs is for assisting individuals who need the most help and through ourefforts can break the cycle of poverty.  The focus is on the people who are part of the Musahar Caste and who generally reside in the Village of Tilahi.  Representing the bottom of the Nepal caste system, they are treated as ‘untouchables’ and suffer from significant discrimination resulting in extreme poverty with no opportunities to improve their quality of life and standard of living.  Education, vocational training and safe drinking water are areas where we have been able to make a positive impact on their lives.

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Villages Library Project

Part of Ten Friends' Villages Library Project is to provide libraries for those villages in which a book is a rare thing. In 2009 we established our first library in the village of Lingham and dedicated it to Diane Jacobsen, a revered teacher from Sisters, Oregon.  Over the next two years nine more libraries were established and dedicated to a number of individuals from Central Oregon.  Throughout the years the program continued to grow and we now have more than 35 libraries in place!  

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Previous Projects

Projects History

Since 2006 Ten Friends has been implementing projects and conducting programs in Nepal.  Our efforts have been making a positive impact on the Nepali.   We rely on our Nepal based partners, project facilitators and project coordinators to carry out our programs in the most effective manner possible.   Programs and projects have made positive impacts on improving the lives of individuals directly and have resulted in enhancing the lives of others who benefit indirectly from their empowerment. 

Want to be inspired?  View this     Video that highlights Ten Friends' past and present work in Nepal.

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