The Young People of Hopeful Home Orphanage

What follows are some stories of the experiences of young people who have benefited from the Hopeful Home Orphanage. 

Jenisha Rai is one of the young people at  the Hopeful Home Orphanage. What follows is Jenisha's write-up of how she came to be at the HHO and what it has meant to her to be there. Please read her story and see why your support is making a real difference for young people such as Jenisha.

Jenisha writes: "Namaste, My name is Jenisha Rai. I am 11 years old. I study in grade five. I am from Nuwakot but now I live in Jhaukel Bhaktapur in this hopeful home.

I come hopeful home before 6 years. My uncle brought to live here. My mother passed away and where is my father I don’t know but I am so happy in this hopeful home because I got mother’s love and brother’s and sister’s love. I got opportunity to study in a boarding school with the help of supporters. Here is good facilities to eat, to shelter to love, cloth t wear, etc. Our mother Gopini Wosti take care of all children and she has provided all facilities. At last I will also do social work in the future. I like to help who are needy person like me.

Thank you so much all ten friend supporters and I am so proud of you because I got opportunity to study here and you all are god for me who provided this opportunity. Thanks again for your support."

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