Elevate Nepal Vocational Training Program

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 After Elevate Vocational Training

 Adult members of the Musuray Caste had few skills from which they could earn income in order to support their families.  They were locked into a pattern of poverty with little opportunity to advance. Women were performing agricultural tasks working more than 14 hours a day.  Elevate has arranged for vocational training for women in the caste.  We have purchased sewing machines for use in workshops and have provided cloth materials.  Our recipients are now proudly making garments and tapestries and are earning incomes and can now financially support their families.

Musarey women have expressed an interest in making clothes as a way to generate extra income. However, to accomplish this, they needed sewing machines and the right kind of training.  Funds raised by Elevate have been used to purchase and deliver sewing machines, to provide seamstress training for young mothers, and to provide basic Nepali language instruction. Elevate is also developing a program for the export and sale of garments and other finished goods that have been produced in Tilhi. 

How You Can Help

Purchase Supplies or Training for Musarey Seamstresses 

Your tax-deductible donation allows Ten Friends/Elevate to provide vocational training to Mursuray women. Their learned seamstress skills will allow them to manufacture garments and artistic goods and to earn income to support their families.   You may also purchase a sewing machine,  material and sewing supplies and other items to help them launch their new careers.   

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