Meet the Students who will be traveling to Nepal in 2024

Once again, a delegation of Ten Friends Board members will be accompanying high school students on their adventure to Nepal! The group of students are five adventurous Central Oregon High School students.  

Ella Eby - 11th grade student at Sisters High School  

“I was born and raised in Central Oregon, the middle child of two brothers, so I learned to love anything outdoors and adventure or travel-related. In school I am involved in student government as well as alpine skiing and soccer. In my senior year, I am looking forward to being captain of the soccer team, Student Body Vice President, and perusing various medical field studies.

“I am looking forward to this trip for many reasons, but mostly to learn from the Nepali people and the way culture affects their way of life. I see great value in gaining a deeper understanding of our world and believe service is the best way to do so.”

Cooper Merrill - 11th grade student at Sisters High School

“I’m a student, athlete, and outdoor enthusiast from Sisters, Oregon. I’ve grown up in Sisters and am currently a Junior in high school. I’m really excited to travel to Nepal to see the world outside of the U.S., and to meet the Nepali people. I’m grateful to have an opportunity to help and I’m especially looking forward to spending time at the HEC.”

Styopa Myagkov – 10th grade student at Sisters High School   

“I am a student at Sisters High School, but currently finishing up a year abroad in 10th grade in Germany. I am an avid outdoor enthusiast and like to rock climb, ski, mountain bike, backpack, and hike. In addition, I love to travel, learn about new cultures, and getting to know all the various languages along the way!

“I am super excited about our upcoming trip. I decided to go because I view this as an amazing opportunity to not only see but contribute to communities in Nepal. I am super excited to meet as many local people as possible and delve into a culture so different from ours.”

Ava Riehle– 11th grade student at Sisters High School 

“I love the outdoors and will always be ready to explore. Traveling is so much fun and a great way to meet different people and see beautiful places. I decided to go to Nepal because helping out at the HEC and HHO seems like such a rewarding way to help people in need and experience a new way of life.”

Jake Jacobi- 11th grade student Summitt High School 

“I am a junior at Summit High and I want to major in Computer Science after high school. I haven’t traveled like this before, and I am curious about the culture and want to meet the people of Nepal. I’m excited to go to Nepal and experience a completely different lifestyle to what most of us experience in our daily lives.”

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